THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – EPISODE 28. The “Pay Attention to the Seasons” Herbalism & Lemon Balm Show

THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – EPISODE 28. The “Pay Attention to the Seasons” Herbalism & Lemon Balm Show

Marc and MIndy open the podcast by discussing hugelkultur and wonder if listeners practice the technique in their gardens. There is a nice discussion on it here. If you would like to chime in, give our voicemail a call at 617-622-3916 and we may play your recording on the podcast.

Marc’s  “Herb Nugget” talks about seasonality, and that even though we are in the midst of summer, it is actually already time to start thinking about the preparations we need for the winter months.

The “Herb of the Podcast” is Lemon Balm, or Melissa Officinalis. Marc tells us all about how lemon balm and bees are intertwined chemically. He discusses Melissa’s many traditional uses as a relaxant, antidepressant, antispasmodic, and yes, even an insect repellent. We use lemon balm tincture, and have grown a bunch of it (nearly 100 plants!) for this year’s garden. The featured photograph is of lemon balm in a container in our garden.

Mindy’s “Backed by Science” article is: Alijaniha F, et al. Heart palpitation relief with Melissa officinalis leaf ex20160621_124024tract: double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial of efficacy and safety. J Ethnopharmacol 2015; 164: 378-384. The researchers show that lemon balm is useful in decreasing the number of heart palpitations and anxiety levels in adults who suffer with benign palpitations.

20160621_124234We give up the book review this week, and try out a new segment instead: “Wildcrafting with Marc & Mindy”.  This was inspired by Michigan listener, Nicole, who left us a voicemail regarding our use (or lack thereof) of mushrooms. She suggested powdering the mushrooms and addin20160621_124627g the powder to our cooking. So we did it! See the photos for proof! We talk about foraging for yarrow, cultivating a wild raspberry plant that showed up in our yard, and snagging some urban deadfall (from basswood / linden trees) for woodcarving.

The Worldwide Herbal and Foraging News articles for this episode are this one, and this one, and this one.  Front yard food gardening is attacked in Florida, whereas Fort Worth TX is trying to pass city regulations supporting urban agriculture. Bees help a young man afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Finally, Marc and Mindy talk about the first harvest of their basal plants this season. They are dehydrating as we speak…

Enjoy the show!


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  • Nicole S

    June 27, 2016 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Excited to be your first vm and love the new segment! We’ve always been told that wild foraged mushrooms should be cooked before eating. I also forgot to mention that dried mushrooms tend to have a stronger flavor, so use lightly.

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