THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – Episode 26 (Special Edition): Live from Herbstalk!

THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – Episode 26 (Special Edition): Live from Herbstalk!

Marc and Mindy record live from Herbstalk 2016! Join us for a cruise around this magical herbal gala, where we talk to the teachers, small business owners, and patrons that come together for the yearly festivities. We meet up with Tom & Pat Zabel and Sue Kesner (parents of HerbstaIMG_5025lk founders Steph & Henry!), and find out what they think about the big event. We stalk out Catherine Iagnemma (Herbstalk’s Assistant Organizer) and her boyfriend Ian Schaplowsky (and Marc hits Ian with some hard questions, such as “what are his favorite guitar chords and why?”) [If you want to know know more about Steph, Henry, and Catherine, listen to The Story of Herbstalk!]

The music you hear is Graveyard Shuffle by Connor Magnuson, an Herbstalk volunteer who was providing music in the front lawn. Connor also showcIMG_5028ases the artistic side of Herbstalk with a poetry reading: “I want you to have my baby, Yarrow”. In fact, its hard to throw a smudge stick without hitting a musician at Herbstalk! We got to talk with Henry’s band, The Ways and Means Committee. Listen to their music here, or check out their facebook site for an upcoming events schedule (of which they have many!). Herbalist Kim Almeida also steps out onstage with her band, the Unstables. Ian is also a guitar player. And by now, we know you are aware of Marc’s love of the strum-strum!

IMG_5074We know there are many we missed, but we did manage to corner a bunch of vendors, teachers, and attendees (all listed below). Listen to what they have to say! We sure hope you enjoy this attempt to capture the spirit of Herbstalk on The Walking Herbalist Podcast!

Natalia from Sweet and Sacred (
Melanie from Fir & Elm (
Hannah Sparks from Hannah’s Herbals (
Maisie Raftery from Natural Awakenings (
Kim Almeida from Ecotone Herbals (
Madelon Hope from Boston School of Herbal Studies (
Caleb Dean from Cambridge Naturals (
Liat Racin from Tamim Teas (
Katja Swift & Ryn Midura from The Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism (
Iris Weaver (
Emma O’Brien from Lavandoula (
Danielle Laberge from Growing Habits (
Nina Judith Katz from Meridians of Health (
Todd Danforth – Photographer (
Gavin Mccarthy (
Sue from Chicago
Lynn Iverson of Eirs Garden
Bryan Rincowski

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