THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – EPISODE 21. The “Don’t Know What You Got” Herbalism & Mugwort Show

THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – EPISODE 21. The “Don’t Know What You Got” Herbalism & Mugwort Show

The Herb Nugget references how close we were to losing our sick kitty last week, and how grateful we are that she pulled through her “Feline Vestibular Disorder” attack. We chitchat about our interview last weekend of Katja Swift and Ryn Midura of the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism out at their wilderness retreat in Royalston, MA. Hopefully we will get that up soon! Of course we are still in the middle of editing Iris Weaver‘s interview as well. Busy, busy!

Marc’s “Herb of the Podcast” is Artemisia vulgaris — Mugwort! And we enjoy a tea blend with Echinacea purpura, red clover, peppermint, and mugwort to go along with Marc’s discussion of this cool herb.

Mindy’s “Backed by Science” research article is: Lachenmeier DW, et al. Thujone – Cause of Absinthism? Forensic Sci Int 158 (2006): 1-8. This article discusses whether thujone is responsible for the symptoms that Absinthe drinkers of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries experienced, namely hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, and hallucinations. Made from another Artemisia, wormwood, absinthe was completely banned in Europe and the United States by the 1920s. However, its now been legalized. The link between thujone consumption and absinthism is tenuous at best. We will keep drinking our mugwort (which also contains thujone), but look into this for your sake!

The Book Review is on Russ Cohen‘s “Wild Plants I Have Known…And Eaten”. The full review is available here.

The Worldwide Herbal and Foraging News articles for this episode are this one and this one. One of them talks about pharmacy students in India communing with their lively garden. The other discusses the merits of vertical gardening in the urban environment.

Enjoy the Show!

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