The Herb Nugget reflects on Wisdom. The Herb of the Podcast of course is Sage (Salvia officinalis)! Marc gives us the lowdown on this awesome plant, discussing its traditional use for enhancing cognition–even its name means “to be wise”! Mindy’s “Backed by Science” article this week is: Akhondzadeh S, et al. Salvia officinalis extract in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease: a double blind, randomized and placebo-controlled trial. J Clin Pharm Ther (2003) 28: 53-59. Although the study was small, sage tincture apparently improved cognitive function, and possibly decreased agitation in people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease. The Book Review looked at Herbs (Smithsonian Handbooks) by Lesley Bremness (DK 2002). The full review can be found here. The Worldwide Herbal and Foraging News articles discussed are this one and this one. One talks about pencils, that when they become stubby from use they can be planted in the ground and grown into a plant. The other says the kids spend less time outdoors than life-sentenced prisoners. Marc and Mindy discuss the impact of the Nature Deficit Disorder.  Updates include: following through on our promise to order plants from Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk and Honey Herbs‘ yearly plant sale; we ordered Marshmallow and Chives! As well as a herbal preparation from Avena Botanicals, namely Strong Women, Strong Bones Vinegar Refill (which will be a gift to a family member!)  Marc plays another Herbstalk interview teaser, while we still work on post-production. And we reveal who our next interview will be with: Iris Weaver! Enjoy the show!

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