The Walking Herbalist Podcast – EPISODE 12. The “Know Your Sources” Parsley Show

The “Marc Nugget”, otherwise known as the “Theme of the Podcast” talks about the importance of knowing your sources, whether referring to herbalism, food shopping, or any other pursuit. The Herb of the Podcast is Petroselinum crispum, commonly referred to as Parsley (or Baqdunis is Saudi Arabia, as Mindy pointed out). Marc gives his usual herbal rundown of all things Parsley, including the factoid that if you plant the herb next to roses, it makes the roses smell better. Marc and Mindy talk about how much they like Tabbouleh. Mindy’s “Backed by Science” research article is: Al-Howiriny T. Prevention of experimentally-induced gastric ulcers in rats by an ethanolic extract of “parsley” (Petroselinum crispum). Am J Chin Med 2003; 31(5): 699-711. Mindy’s personal experience with parsley tincture is that it helps with heartburn (GERD), and it seems that (according the article) there is scientific research to back this up. The book review is Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification by Thomas J. Elpel. Marc and Mindy agree that it is a terrific book for learning basic botany based on plant family characteristics. They discuss three news articles, “FDA to test food for glyphosate, Monsanto’s popular herbicide, which WHO says ‘probably’ causes cancer“, “Common herbs used in traditional medicine to be validated“, and “Innovative doctor launches food ‘farmacy’ after selling his medical practice…food heals better than drugs!“. They finish up with updates on the Master Urban Gardener program (Trustees of Reservations), and in particular the amazing presentation by Dan Jaffe, the Propagator and Stock Bed Grower of the New England Wildflower Society (Framingham, MA). Dan wowed us with his knowledge of edible native plants, particularly of a system he dubs “The Three Brothers”, companion planting groundnuts, sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes), and hog peanuts. Also, they reveal plans to attend a class at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and will talk more about it in Episode 13.

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