The Walking Herbalist Podcast – EPISODE 10. The “Hang In There” Show

Herbalists Marc and Mindy give a rally cry of “Hang In There” to fellow plant lovers, while Winter marches onward. The Herb of the Podcast is Peppermint. Marc amuses us with his fun facts on this minty plant friend. Did you know that Mentha piperita was first commercially grown in the United States in western Massachusetts? The “Backed By Science” study is “Survival of Salmonella on Chamomile, Peppermint, and Green Tea during Storage and Subsequent Survival or Growth following Tea Brewing” (Keller S, et al. Journal of Food Protection 2015; 78(5):661-667). This study shows that salmonella can remain viable on dried herb leaves at rather typical household storage conditions. The book review is on “A Modern Herbal” by Mrs. M. Grieve, which of course is not so modern, having been written in 1931. A few news article recaps and conversation following, including topics on forest farming and Civil War medicine. As always, this podcast attempts to provide a voice in the herbalism, homesteading, foraging, wild foods, and self-reliance community. We hope you enjoy it!

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