THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – Episode 42 (Special Edition): Meet Herbalists Katja Swift and Ryn Midura

katryn-tatsThis Special Episode of The Walking Herbalist Podcast features herbalists Katja Swift and Ryn Midura. This awesome husband and wife duo are proprietors of The CommonWealth Center For Holistic Medicine! You can check out their website here!

Mindy and Marc chatted with Katja and Ryn in April 2016 on their newly acquired land in Royalston Massachusetts.


Join us while we discover how this amazing couple first met, how they got into herbalism, the struggles and successes of starting and maintaining an herbalism practice, and much, much more!

Enjoy the show!




THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – (Mini) Episode 38: Peppergrass Show!

It’s a solo (mini) episode with only Marc (Mindy is sewing in the background).


The herb of the podcast is Peppergrass (Lepidium species). Also known as poor-man’s pepper, this spicy delight is in the mustard family.

Marc highlights the successful lecture/demonstration titled ‘preserving your harvest’ conducted by Mindy and Marc at a community garden in East Boston last week.


In addition, Saturday and Sunday September 24th and 25th from 10am-5pm, herbalist Margi Flint will be teaching her first ever Reading the Body class. And, Saturday October 22nd,herbalists and witches Sean Donahue (green man ramblings blog) and Kirsten Hale (the crazy herbalist) are teaching their Death Liberation and Ecstasy class. Both of these will be held at 10 Central St Marblehead MA  for only $100 each. For more information visit  or email questions to

Lastly, we received an email inquiring about scientific research on shinrin-yoku. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has several links.

Check out our new silly video with the dog.

Enjoy the show!

THE WALKING HERBALIST PODCAST – Episode 25 (Special Edition): Talking Herbs with Iris Weaver

This Special Edition (and Silver 25th Episode!) of The Walking Herbalist Podcast features Iris Weaver, a shamanic herbalism practitioner from the north shore of Massachusetts. You can check out her website here.  Marc and Mindy had the chance to meet up with Iris, go on a plant walk with her in downtown Beverly, MA, and then sit down with a microphone to record her fascinating decades-long story of working with the plants.

Near and dear to our hearts, Iris’ introduction to studying herbalism was a chance encounter with some influential books, namely “Kitchen Medicines” by Ben Charles Harris, and the Euell Gibbons classic “Stalking The Wild Asparagus“. (If you would like to hear an interview with Ben Charles Harris from 1976, we found one here! In fact it is rather adversarial — you can listen to the interviewer challenging Mr. Harris by saying that foraging plants are dangerous and should not be encouraged!)

We learned all about Iris’ childhood, her growing up in England, Paraguay, and the Northeastern United States. We listened while she took us down the path to her descent into depression, her trauma history, and how the plants around her revitalized her. And how she had to make it as a single mom, eventually earning her Master’s Degree and becoming a small business owner. We learned that her influences included renowned herbalists Susun Weed and Sean Donahue. And that as an herbalist, she considers herself an autodidact…a self taught person! We learned her style/brand of herbalism, and what it means to be an shamanistic herbalist. Interspersed throughout Iris’ story, we have added bits and pieces of the Plant Walk that she led, and graciously let us record. She will be leading a Plant Walk at this year’s Herbstalk as well.

We hope you will enjoy the episode, and appreciate the interesting story and sage advice from one of our local herbalist Masters! Iris is available for private consultations, plant walks, home plant identifications, and classes as well, and we are sure would delight in you reaching out to her.