New Year’s Resolutions — Finishing Up 2015 With a Bang!

By Mindy

The New Year's Eve Rag Quilt Scarf and a hand spun croched angora and mohair hat. I made them both!
The New Year’s Eve rag quilt scarf! The hat is a crocheted angora and mohair blend that I handspun myself this fall. This new year I plan on learning more and more ways to do things for myself!

New Year’s Eve passed in a funny manner for me. I had no booze, no gaggle of friends nor loved ones around me, no noisemakers, no funny hats. Even my dog was a bit bored. I sent Marc on his own way.

Sitting in the little spare room, the one we call our office, I listened with half an ear to a doomsday podcast wafting from a tinny desktop speaker. I thought about the year gone past. And I fixated on sewing a quilted rag scarf.

Earlier that day, I cut gazillions of four inch squares from some fabric I embarrassingly bought new. Reclaimed clothing would be the foundation of all of my future sewing projects, I promised myself. I was on a mission.

Sitting in a big backed black chair, tucked into a glass desk, I poured over the sewing machine. It was a bit of a joke to Marc and I. I had bought it new 15 or so years earlier…and proceeded to never use it. So every fanciful and fleeting idea I have had ever since we referred to as a sewing machine… “Should we move to Montana?” “Sounds like a great new sewing machine!” 

But I wanted to use it. I wanted to sew like the Dickens, making my own scarfs, and blankets, and hats, and mittens, and skirts. I wanted to turn ugly outfits into new fancy beautiful ones, just like they do on Pinterest and Etsy, I knew I had it in me to create… If only I had more time, more energy, more ambition… If only…

So New Year’s Eve comes and another year went by without me sewing anything. Except I still had a few hours left…And so I sewed…and Voila! My new rag quilt scarf! And I did it in 2015! Booya! 

So my resolutions for 2016? Keep marching forward. Keep learning new things, remembering old skills, and mastering what our grandparents all used to know. I am going to make more of my own clothes, my own medicines, my own foods. I am going to grow more in the garden.  Brew my own coffee. I am going to make my own hooch (got some hard apple cider brewing as I type…another 2015 activity that we’ve been trying). I am going to learn my mushrooms. Set up a water catchment system, and make more of my own soil from compost.

This new year, 2016, I resolve to increase my self-sufficiency…in other words, independence!

Follow along to see how much of this Marc and I manage to accomplish on The Walking Herbalist Podcast!

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