Mission Statement

“The Walking Herbalist strolls through nature to illustrate how amazing and necessary it is.”

Our mission here at The Walking Herbalist is to present a lighthearted, conversational approach to cultivating plant allies in the quest for a balanced and fulfilled life. As a husband and wife team, we want to share our personal adventures, growth, discoveries, and knowledge in all things herbalism, with the hopes of inspiring our audience. Our favorite topics include foraging wild food, forest bathing, nature walks, and outdoorism. We embrace a personal philosophy that feet can never be too dirty, there is always another trail to hike, and well-being starts with the smell of pine. Our goal is to bring a self-reliant, independent, DIY approach to herbalism.  We broadcast and blog from both our seaside homestead in South Boston, as well as our satellite “bunker” in Western Massachusetts, giving us free access to the best of both the urban and rural plant worlds!  We implore you to grab a cup of freshly steeped tea and join us for chats on healing, medicine making, wildcrafting, herbal medicine, farming and gardening, and finding local herbs.