The Walking Herbalist Presents “Indoor Seed Starting for the Urban Gardener” at this year’s 41st Annual Gardeners Gathering

By Mindy

The 41st Annual Gardeners Gathering (hosted by the Trustees of Reservations at Northeastern University, and organized by *superstar* Adult Programming Manager Michelle de Lima) swept into Boston last weekend, and The Walking Herbalists stood ready to deliver “Indoor Seed Starting for the Urban Gardener”!  And as recent graduates from the Trustees phenomenal Master Urban Gardening Program, as well as fairly experienced urban and indoor gardeners, Marc and I were up for the task…

Interested in a copy of The Walking Herbalists “Indoor Seed Starting for the Urban Gardener”? Click Seed Starting Handout to download a .pdf version of the presentation.

The Gardeners Gathering, an annual event kicking off spring and the growing season, is a motivational war cry to Boston area community gardeners to go get dirty. Offering a plethora of great courses on garden planning, gardening basics, herbalism, food forests, native plant cultivation, etc., the hardest part of the day is choosing which presentation to attend!

The day started with keynote Daniel Ross of Dalsa Enterprises speaking on “Dimensions of Change through Community Gardening”. This was followed by the Annual Community Gardeners Award Ceremony, which included Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Trustees President and CEO Barbara Erickson, and offered awards for “Most Valuable Gardener”, “Rookie Gardener of the Year”, and garden “Hall of Fame”. The various workshops highlighted the afternoon. An exhibitors area with abundant show and tell (including wormy vermicompost bins!) surrounded the registration area. A fabulous event for all!

1) Do the math…is it the proper time to start seeds?
2) Check seed packet directions
3) Moisten seed starter mix in a bucket
4) Fill clean container with moist seed starter mix
5) A few seeds per container (?? bury, press, uncovered)
6) Cover with ventilated plastic until germinated
7) Water (Top, bottom, combo)
8) Maintain at 65-75 degrees Farenheit
9) Bright light once germinated
10)Transplant after a few sets of true leaves

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