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january 2017

College credit for brewing hard cider…sign me up!

Pesticides are harming bees, but EPA not willing to do anything about it!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone!

Someone is buzzing mad!

Green buses in Madrid!

New year, new gardening ideas.

When the weather changes…. change your planting strategy!

Choose your adaptogens wisely.


Cooking vegetables not a new concept!

Grow your own Christmas tree. Should be ready for the 2027 holiday season!

Eat your adaptogens!

Mushrooms are magic!

102-year-old woman says, “eat, eat, eat!”

Legally foraged foods in London!

Conditions in Vermont may be gold for growing saffron!

Do you grow GMO. Yes or No? (discussed in Episode 44)

Billion$ to be made with supplements!

november 2016

Go to college- and then… farm?

Urban homesteaders!

Nuclear berries! (discussed in Episode 44)

Robot weed killer for your garden! (discussed in Episode 44)

Some say homeopathic medicine is just ‘unproven theories!’  (discussed in Episode 44)

Pennsylvania soon to regulate naturopathic field! (discussed in Episode 43)

Cows texting farmers? (discussed in Episode 43)

Widower finds long lost carat in a carrot! (discussed in Episode 43)

october 2016


Age-Old herbal methods from Ireland! (discussed in Episode 43)

September 2016

Homesteading becoming the new norm? (discussed in Episode 41)

Millennial farmers believe in community. (discussed in Episode 41)

New Zealand provides residents with fruit and veggie foraging maps! (discussed in Episode 41)

Females in Ag. (discussed in Episode 40)

Eliminating the Freshmen 15! (discussed in Episode 40)

Gardening octogenarians! Awesome. (discussed in Episode 40)

How much food can you grow in 100 days? (discussed in Episode 39)

Female farmers plow a path to the bank in Minnesota! (discussed in Episode 39)

Kids love rhus juice, and other naturally flavored drinks!

august 2016

I’m a farmer… hear my tractor roar! (discussed in Episode 39)

Mobile farmers markets are the new ice cream truck! (discussed in Episode 37)

Mosquitoes be gone! (discussed in Episode 37)

Great success in succession planting! (discussed in Episode 37)

Going apple picking? Bring your robot! (discussed in Episode 36)

honey with a chili pepper!

Colorado is now on board with rain barrels! (discussed in Episode 36)

Self-sufficient paradise! (discussed in Episode 36)

Botulism is bad! Please practice proper canning techniques! (discussed in Episode 35)

89-year-old donates hundreds of pounds of food! (discussed in Episode 35)

Homesteading couple wants to be self-sufficient! (discussed in Episode 35)

JULY 2016

Vermont wildcrafters (discussed in Episode 33)

Couple wants to use local herbs for a micro-distillery!

A New Zealand permaculturist! (discussed in Episode 33)

Youth discover farming takes rhythm! (discussed in Episode 33)

Residents ’round up’ concern over glyphosate use in park! (discussed in Episode 32)

A green apartment in NYC! (discussed in Episode 32)

Meet a young female entrepreneur and future farmer! (discussed in Episode 32)

Idle gardeners rejoice! (discussed in Episode 31)

Identify garden pests. (discussed in Episode 31)

Irrigation is key! 

Paraplegic man still finds a way to garden!! (discussed in Episode 30)

You’re such a noxious weed, but I like it! (discussed in Episode 31)

Growing medicine! (discussed in Episode 30)

Plant artist extraordinaire!

JUNE 2016

Veggies from Mars! (discussed in Episode 30)

Need a reason to forage? Here’s 50!

Plants talking back? (discussed in Episode 30)

From paintball to leafy greens! (discussed in Episode 29)

Composting is easy! (discussed in Episode 29)

Proposed zoning changes excite Fort Worth gardeners! (discussed in Episode 28)

Another front yard garden banned! (discussed in Episode 28)

Don’t like watering the garden everyday? Try hugelkultur gardening! (discussed in Episode 28)

Teen with learning difficulties flourishes with beekeeping! (discussed in Episode 28)

If you fear the end is near…get a goat! (discussed in Episode 27)

Always know what and where you are food foraging?

MAY 2016

You CAN play with your food! (discussed in Episode 29)

A forest on the Hudson River? (discussed in Episode 27)

Trees need pajamas! (discussed in Episode 27)

Is your tincture a health hazard?

Look up at the sky before you plant anything! (discussed in Episode 23)

Utilizing edible roadside treasures.

Don’t say cure, unless you’re sure! (discussed in Episode 23)

Unusable land? Tell that to Mother Nature! (discussed in Episode 22)

Have upscale restaurants “jumped the shark” with foraging? (discussed in Episode 22)

More verification we need trees in our lives.


APRIL 2016

Vertical farming on the Liberty Bell? (discussed in Episode 21)

Pharmacy students learn plant medicine. (discussed in Episode 21)

Rosmarinus & piperita! Teas you will never forget!

Next wave of farmers? The youth! (discussed in Episode 20)

The rule at this pre-school- learn outdoors! (discussed in Episode 20)

Domo arigato? (discussed in Episode 20)

Strengthen your pecs, glutes and quads… while gardening! (discussed in Episode 19)

Live near nature- you may live longer! (discussed in Episode 19)

A garden in your front yard? Not in this town! (discussed in Episode 17)

OregaNO in Australia! (discussed in Episode 17)

March 2016

This pencil can grow herbs! (discussed in Episode 16)

Kids, go play outside- or its off to jail with you! (discussed in Episode 16)

Bees tell pesticides to buzz off! (discussed in Episode 15)

Chinese herbs- the money crop! (discussed in Episode 15)

Growing greens to save some green.

Update on Maine herbalist hit with regulations! (discussed in Episode 14)

Bye bye fashion- hello organic farm and animal sanctuary! (discussed in Episode 14)

USDA wants millennials to farm. (discussed in Episode 13)

Be-leaf it or not! (discussed in Episode 13)

Ayurvedic Herbs Collide with Science in India (discussed in Episode 12)

GM “Uh Oh!” (discussed Episode 12)

Dr. leaves his job to start ‘farmacy’. (discussed in Episode 12)


Supplement safety is questioned (from January 2016; discussed in Episode 11). See also: Stores in New York told to stop selling herbal supplements (from February 2015)

DIY tea blends.

St John’s Wort herbal recall! (discussed in Episode 11) 

Sheesham leaves are good for your bones!

Civil War herbal medical book still useful. (discussed in Episode 10)

Congrats peppers: you won Herb of the Year 2016!

Forest farming: The story of the understory! (discussed in Episode 10)

What plants do bees like?

The future of medicine? Look in the past.

Herbal supplements: good or bad? You decide!

“Agrihoods” can be good! (discussed in Episode 9)

A forager for all seasons.

UAE cancer patients told to stay away from herbal products.

Irish foraging eyes are smiling.

Slow study shows our ancestors ate turtles.

Want to save some $ on your next grocery bill?

Foraging in Texas.

Herbs that may prevent cancer..

More sleepy tea herbs.

Will adding plants to pubs make you drink less?

Government wants to ban foraging!

Homesteading for self-reliance.

January 2016

Conservation and education are crucial.

Chronically inflamed? Try these herbs.

Alternative dentistry.

Your brain says, “don’t forget the rosemary”!

A hearty dose of hawthorn.

Foraging food no luxury in Greece (READER SUBMITTED)

The tea business is “going to the dogs”!

Hey doc my liver hurts. Hmmm- maybe its from the herbs your taking. Huh? Really?

Got rheumatoid arthritis?

Herbal regulations hit Zimbabwe.

An interesting viewpoint on yarrow.

Winter weight got you down? Add some spice!

Her great-great-grandmother was first woman to wear trousers in Iceland.

There’s a fungus among us. $$$

Trouble catching zzzzz’s?

Boston Harbor in Montana?

Check out these healing herbs!

Salt is fine, but herbs are divine.

Bored this winter? Start an indoor garden.

Beer made from local foraging.

Got a windowsill? Grow some herbs.

Let’s grow outside, man!

Don’t worry, Bee Happy!

Mother’s little helper- Placenta pills.

A Wild(e) forager. 

December 2015

Research indicates plant alternatives to Big Pharma.

Regulations Hit New England Herbal Medicine Maker.

Selling herbs for three centuries.

I’ll drink to that.

Want to grow Chinese medicinal herbs?

It’s winter. Do you know where your herbs are?


People are looking for mushrooms…

Please forage mushrooms responsibly…or else.

Truth in advertising?


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