By Marc Richute

What do you get when you combine a typical garden spice like thyme (a beautiful, aromatic, antiseptic herb), with organic honey (natures sweet antibacterial gift), and some raw apple cider vinegar (the Mother of all things sour tasting)?

You have a thyme oxymel- a notorious immune booster!

In my opinion, this pungent, yet sweet elixir is a great alternative to commercial sore throat relievers.

It is simple and inexpensive to make. Here is what you will need:

  • A mason jar with plastic lid*
  • Fresh thyme
  • Organic honey
  • Raw apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ingredients for thyme oxymel

First, fill your mason jar with about ¼ thyme.

Next, fill the rest of the jar with ACV and honey. Note: the amounts of ACV and honey are discretionary. You might choose more honey and less ACV, or more ACV and less honey. I prefer more honey!

Then, place the lid on the jar and shake it daily for 6-8 weeks.

thyme oxymel

After 6-8 weeks, strain out the contents with a tea press or cheese cloth into its final storage container.

Finally, your oxymel is done!

Personally, when I have a sore throat, I reach for my thyme oxymel. A one ounce glass three times a day usually does the trick.

1 ounce thyme oxymel

*Plastic lids are preferred when using vinegar. Vinegar will corrode metal and ruin your oxymel. You can use metal lids, however put wax paper over the jar before you tighten the metal lid.

Dandelion Microgreens. Easy to grow and fun to eat.

Dandelion microgreens are easy to grow and they make a delicious addition to any salad, pesto, or bitter snack.

For starters you will need some soil, water, dandelion seeds, and a tray (these seeds were foraged from a local field).

Step 1: Mix the soil with water (3 cups soil/2 cups water) and place in the tray.

Step 2: Sprinkle the dandelion seeds on top of the tray.

Step 3: Place tray on shelf with light source- or on the windowsill.

Step 4: Water daily, be patient, and watch them grow.

Step 5: Cut the dandelions from the tray- and eat up!


Dandelion Microgreen Kit: Soil and Water.
Dandelion Microgreen Kit: Soil and Water.


Dandelion Microgreen Kit: seeds and tray.
Dandelion Microgreen Kit: seeds and tray.


Dandelion Microgreens: Day 1.
Dandelion Microgreens: Day 1.


Dandelion Microgreens: Day 10.
Dandelion Microgreens: Day 10.


dandelion microgreens: Day 21
Dandelion Microgreens: Day 21.


Dandelion Microgreens: Day 28. Eat Up!
Dandelion Microgreens: Day 28. Eat Up!




New Year’s Resolutions — Finishing Up 2015 With a Bang!

By Mindy

The New Year's Eve Rag Quilt Scarf and a hand spun croched angora and mohair hat. I made them both!
The New Year’s Eve rag quilt scarf! The hat is a crocheted angora and mohair blend that I handspun myself this fall. This new year I plan on learning more and more ways to do things for myself!

New Year’s Eve passed in a funny manner for me. I had no booze, no gaggle of friends nor loved ones around me, no noisemakers, no funny hats. Even my dog was a bit bored. I sent Marc on his own way.

Sitting in the little spare room, the one we call our office, I listened with half an ear to a doomsday podcast wafting from a tinny desktop speaker. I thought about the year gone past. And I fixated on sewing a quilted rag scarf.

Earlier that day, I cut gazillions of four inch squares from some fabric I embarrassingly bought new. Reclaimed clothing would be the foundation of all of my future sewing projects, I promised myself. I was on a mission.

Sitting in a big backed black chair, tucked into a glass desk, I poured over the sewing machine. It was a bit of a joke to Marc and I. I had bought it new 15 or so years earlier…and proceeded to never use it. So every fanciful and fleeting idea I have had ever since we referred to as a sewing machine… “Should we move to Montana?” “Sounds like a great new sewing machine!” 

But I wanted to use it. I wanted to sew like the Dickens, making my own scarfs, and blankets, and hats, and mittens, and skirts. I wanted to turn ugly outfits into new fancy beautiful ones, just like they do on Pinterest and Etsy, I knew I had it in me to create… If only I had more time, more energy, more ambition… If only…

So New Year’s Eve comes and another year went by without me sewing anything. Except I still had a few hours left…And so I sewed…and Voila! My new rag quilt scarf! And I did it in 2015! Booya! 

So my resolutions for 2016? Keep marching forward. Keep learning new things, remembering old skills, and mastering what our grandparents all used to know. I am going to make more of my own clothes, my own medicines, my own foods. I am going to grow more in the garden.  Brew my own coffee. I am going to make my own hooch (got some hard apple cider brewing as I type…another 2015 activity that we’ve been trying). I am going to learn my mushrooms. Set up a water catchment system, and make more of my own soil from compost.

This new year, 2016, I resolve to increase my self-sufficiency…in other words, independence!

Follow along to see how much of this Marc and I manage to accomplish on The Walking Herbalist Podcast!