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Raised near the Adirondack Mountains in New York, Marc Richute became a devoted hiker and admirer of the outdoors at an early age.  The smell of pine and the comfortable, yet rugged terrain had him hooked. Throughout the years he developed more outdoor passions, including kayaking, rock climbing, camping, thru-hiking, observing nature, foraging, and herbalism.

Now living in Boston for over a decade, Marc has continued to participate in numerous medicinal plant walks, foraging excursions, and other outdoor adventures. After accumulating several plant and tree identification books, acquiring plants along permitted trails and fields during his daily walks, and making teas and tinctures with his findings, Marc decided to expand his knowledge by attending the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism for their apprenticeship program (www.commonwealthherbs.com).

After completing the one year program, Marc has stayed true to his childhood-inspired passions: walking, observing nature, and foraging responsibly. He dedicates his time photographing plants, making videos on how to work with those plants, and memorializing his thoughts on this website. Marc records solo nature walks at various locations throughout New England emphasizing important factors about each discovery. In addition, through plant walks and herbal lectures, he delights in sharing his knowledge with others.



Spending her childhood jumping off of docks into the black waters of Lake George, NY, and dodging lightning bolts spewn from quick moving mountain storms, Mindy Hull learned to appreciate the natural world at a very young age. Her love of mountains, dirt, plant, and rocks,  was matched equally by her desire to be a healer. Ultimately, Mindy obtained her Doctorate of Medicine, satisfying the goals of her youth.

The passing of time only strengthened her love of the outdoors. A developing interest in the native plants of her adopted hometown of Boston, MA, led to an apprenticeship program in herbal medicine at the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. A considerable benefit was the ability to study plants in depth with her life partner and husband, Marc. Most weekends, Mindy can still be found playing in the dirt, surrounded by floral field guides.